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Intensive cultivation of artisans from the spirit of incorporating a doctorate in the industry leader

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2016/04/09 10:37
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Premier Li Keqiang on March 5 for the government work report mentioned, to encourage enterprises to develop personalized custom, flexible production, cultivate the spirit of excellence artisans, by species, to mention quality, a brand. "Artisan spirit" first appeared in the government work report, refreshing.

Coincidentally, during the two sessions, after several on-site visits and detailed examination, CCTV "artisans spirit" column officially signed with the Huafeng shooting agreement, in the audit process, Owen for decades adhere to the plastic Film packaging areas of intensive cultivation, focusing on product development, depending on the quality of life for the spirit of the artisans moved the audit team, that the need to spread, carry forward the spirit of such craftsmen.

Why the Prime Minister to mention the spirit of artisans? Because this is our gap. On January 4 this year, Premier Li Keqiang attended a symposium on overcapacity in the steel and coal industry. For example, China has not been able to produce mold steel so far, such as ball-point pens need to be imported.

1895 ballpoint pen has been invented, high-speed rail, large aircraft are made out of the ball pen beads can not even produce! If it is not the Prime Minister said it is estimated that many people really do not know.

The Connotation of Artisan Spirit

Excellence. Attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection and the ultimate, at the expense of time and effort, tirelessly, repeatedly improve the product, the 99% to 99.99%.

Rigorous, meticulous. Not opportunistic, the product to adopt strict testing standards, not up to the requirements will not be easily delivered.

Patience, concentration, persistence. And constantly improve their products and services, because the real artisans in the professional field will never stop the pursuit of progress.

Professional, dedicated. Artisan spirit of the goal is to create the industry's highest quality products, other peer can not match the excellent products.