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Surmount "Fit"

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2013/10/10 02:02
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As of October 11, by the "Fitt" typhoon, Yuyao City suffered 100 years of a large waterlogging disaster, the city's direct economic losses of 100 million yuan. The city's power outages as of today has been 3 days,

Public facilities suffered serious damage, the disaster occurred, Ningbo Huafeng family action immediately, the first time went to the disaster area for disaster relief, Huafeng family total of two batches of goods went to the disaster area,

Not including the company militia and reserve personnel with the government's input.

Great love, Huafeng people this gratitude to help people feel admirable, and we thank the company chairman Chen Yifeng, general manager of influence Ruan Bin on the disaster relief activities of the strong support!