Huafeng's philosophy of reception and release

Between retraction and release

Use it and hide it


One collection and one release
Let disorder become order
Let the chaos change the rules
Use it and hide it
From one to one
Breathe and breathe, the way of life
One relaxation and one relaxation, the way of civil and military affairs
The philosophy of Huafeng
All the operations of Huafeng are contained in one collection and one release
All things that come in are closed, and all things that go out are released
One collection and one release
For enterprises
Receiving means seeking inside -- being holy inside, releasing means being altruistic -- being king outside
For customers
Gain insight into customer needs
Provide perfect solutions immediately to help customers solve problems
For employees
Learning widely and absorbing energy
Let life burn out and do a good job
To society
Receive all resources from society
Put all achievements to society and care for vulnerable groups
Enthusiastic charity
Internal and external
Do what you need, and do what you need
It is Huafeng people who charge ahead and fulfill their mission
If you give up, you can hide. When you don't need it, you can hide behind the scenes
Huafeng people practice hard in internal skill and mind
Collect and store, put and use
The magic effect of collecting and releasing thousands of things will eventually be the same
Once received, once released, it can be used and stored
Huafeng's Philosophy and Style