Spring of 2003
I was born in Yuyao, the hometown of Mr. Yangming in Ningbo
Since then, the life footprint has grown for more than ten years
Now it has 500 family members, 30% of whom are professional and technical personnel above junior college
The plant covers an area of 60 mu, with 70000 square meters of factory buildings and 8800 square meters of clean workshops meeting QS requirements
It has 18 national invention patents, and the annual R&D expenditure exceeds 5% of the sales
Become a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of plastic flexible packaging and high barrier co extrusion film
The production and sales of vacuum compression bags rank top, and the vacuum fresh-keeping bags are popular at home and abroad
Realize the leap from quantity expansion to quality, and become the most typical enterprise with business characteristics in the industry
These are not my family background to show off, but a part of my growth
Every enterprise should have its own value
Over the years, I have been working hard to become the person who is useful to others
Strengthen the research and development of new product technology, establish an industry university research cooperation base with Zhejiang University and other universities, and establish a provincial research and development center
Realize the integrated production of coextrusion film and color printing flexible packaging, complement the advantages of material performance, and provide customers with solutions with high barrier and no solvent residue
It has advanced R&D testing instruments for oxygen permeability, moisture permeability, electronic tension, interlaminar analysis microscope, gas chromatography, ultraviolet absorption, puncture resistance, aging resistance, etc
It can provide customers with one-stop services from R&D and design → packaging and upgrading solutions → customized equipment → fast production
The market share of medical device blister film and high barrier multilayer coextrusion film is leading, and the sales volume of EVA solar cell packaging film is growing
The quality of food packaging film and bag has been recognized by major customers
This is the result of my professional growth and the foundation of my foothold

Customer Pain Points
Unsatisfied part of the market
Is the direction of my efforts
I am used to seeing the ups and downs of the business sea, which makes me more confident
Character is the premise, enterprise quality is the key, and product is the foundation
The three complement each other and are indispensable. Personality+enterprise product+product=brand
As long as I continue to adhere to the "three products", I will be able to continue to create value for customers
Why am I so determined? Because
My mission is
Focusing on moving customers, focusing on achieving the goal of striving for success, realizing the happiness of all staff, and making contributions to the progress and development of human society
My ideal is
Let Chinese life unfold, create a rich space, create an industry model, and build a happy home
I believe that the principle of being a man and doing things is
Respect for mutual trust, sincere cooperation, striving for progress, improvement and innovation
I need to pay attention to the growth of every family
Continuous improvement of quantitative authorization and benefit sharing of independent accounting
Let every family member become an operator, give full play to their potential and grow rapidly
I hope
Everyone who has a destiny with me
Life can be stretched, and a good life can be achieved freely
So, through my products and services
Let the beautiful life of hundreds of millions of people in China be freely embraced
And become my eternal pursuit
If so, this life is enough